Glass by Preston Singletary

A Bump in the Road

I love traveling and the perspective it brings to my senses. Last month, I was on my way to California to visit my brother, and found I would have a two hour layover in Seattle, so I brought my usual reading materials and knitting to pass the time.

Glass Exhibit

Seattle Airport Glass Exhibit

As I headed for the gate to settle down for a long morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see an exhibit of cast and blown glass vessels created by local artist, Preston Singletary. What an unexpected privilege to find this interesting form of art in the airport. And how exciting to have the time to really study its beauty. Singletary represents traditional forms and symbols, uniquely, in the medium of glass; casting, blowing and sandblasting the glass to create his incredible sculptures.

Glass by Preston Singletary

Cast and Sandblasted Glass by Preston Singletary

For many years, I have been intrigued by the art of the Indigenous people of the Northwest. The sea and the land creatures are so beautifully depicted in their work, from paintings to totems, and the stories that go into them are captivating.

Singletary’s work was an inspiring detour in what could have been seen as an inconvenience. (Who wants to spend 2 hours in an airport?)¬†And that’s just one more assurance for me that stepping outside of my comfort zone is good for the soul.

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