The Springdale Candy Company

Friday Night Prep

Truck Loaded for Market

Jimmy Loaded for Bear

It’s Friday night and Mike is prepping for the Downtown Farmer’s Market tomorrow at St. George’s Ancestor Square. This is the display table he made from our old Apricot Tree, and the umbrella for shade is certainly a must. The Market is a plethora (oh, I love that word!) of summer scents and sounds. . . at least for the first hour or two in the middle of summer. The veges go fast, but there is plenty to enjoy on a lazy summer morning when the veges sell out.

The Springdale Candy Company

Springdale Candy Company at Ancestor Square

The crowd gathers at the Springdale Candy Company, right across from our table of copper earrings and fused glass treasures, to cool off with ice cream and shaved ice while they enjoy the live music that fills the square.

The market opens at 8:00 am and lasts till noon. Check it out on Facebook .

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